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Penguin 4 Update And The Months To Come

Penguin 4 has replaced its Penguin 3 algorithm with the Penguin 4 algorithm, which is currently being implemented. Comparison between Penguin 4 and Penguin 3 reveals interesting insights, which are outlined below: 1. Penguin 4 does not place much emphasis

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The Penguin 4 Update and What It Means for You

It’s that time again. The Google Penguin 4 update that went live this September has probably shaken up webmasters, SEO agencies and businesses that rely on these professionals to keep them on Google’s front page. So, what should you know

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SEO: How to Solve the Not Provided Dilemma

The Not Provided dilemma is affecting countless SEO specialists and webmasters. As part of Google’s recent updates, nearly 80% of keywords no longer appear in search results. This is an attempt by the popular search engine to reduce the ability

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Google Hummingbird Update – How Will it Affect You?

Google Hummingbird is a brand new algorithm in its search engine. It provides faster query results by focusing on the reason behind every query rather than the keyword. The meaning of the whole question is more important as opposed to

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Recent Search Engine Changes

It seems that every week these days, we receive a major new announcement from Google regarding either their algorithm or the way they share search data with users and companies.  Of course, it now seems that Bing doesn’t want to

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Optimize Your WordPress Site By Adding It To Google Webmaster Tools

Adding your WordPress site to Google Webmaster Tools is one of the important and best ways to optimize your site for search engines. In this article we will tell you how to add wordpress site to Google Webmaster Tools. Google

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Why is everyone using google?

Google: More than Just a Search Engine Today, Google search engine is unquestionably the dominant tool in the market. Initially built for queries and data research only, Google nowadays has many other features and power tools to allow its users

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